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Hey there, I’m Yvette

I created this video & work book for you, because I want you to have increased success.

In under 12 months, I built a 6 figure coaching business, grew an audience of 10,000+ and I'm just warming up!

I'm the self appointed, Lit Up and Liberated Entrepreneur! Yep ME, and I hope it will soon be you too!

  • Lit-Up;  In full alignment with your passion, building and scaling a business that you love and in your zone of genius. Mondays are looked forward to and it’s a joy to do the work thing.

  • Liberated; Free from the 9-5 chains, the struggle and the stress. Your business is flexible and you’re empowered by savvy systems and tools, to help you automate and scale. YAAAAS!

Here’s what sets me apart as an online business coach:

  • Substance (in the form of 30 years of business and marketing experience)

  • Leadership skills, my background includes running a 300 person+ advertising agency, and 5 years as a Global Digital Director (EVP, based in NY), overseeing cross market teams

  • I’m deeply experienced in online business models and creating multiple income streams

  • You will learn how to grow your business with soul, strategy and savviness

  • I’m results obsessed, and 100% committed to supporting you in achieving your goals!

Let’s get to know each other better! You’re invited to join the Lit Up & Liberated Entrepreneur private Facebook group. Come on over, I can’t wait to meet you.

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