Digital Product Academy

The ultimate program to validate, create, and market your digital product with ease.

Experience the unparalleled power of this one-of-a-kind program that not only teaches you how to create a professional digital product but also guides you through the art of effective marketing and positioning. With four value-packed modules, you'll effortlessly scale your brilliance and reach your audience in no time.

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scaling your brilliance just got a whole lot simpler...

Your audience is constantly seeking digital solutions that cater to their on-demand reality.

They have problems, and they need your expertise.

It's time for you to step up and serve them on a larger scale.

Whether you've dabbled in digital product creation before or have been struggling to design a workshop, group program, course, or membership, this program is for you.

Say goodbye to the tension between time and money, overwhelm, and fruitless efforts. It's time to rediscover your passion for your business and regain a sense of ease and control that seemed unattainable.

Imagine achieving more balance and fulfilment while making a profound impact in just a few weeks.

You've invested significant effort into personal and professional development, and now you're ready to say yes to your big dreams and take decisive action.

Your business growth can be exhilarating, considering all the remarkable transformations you create for your clients.

You've accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, and now it's time to channel it into a natural, profitable extension of yourself. Monetize your wisdom, turn your passion into profit, and establish greater impact and freedom in your business.



Meet Kimberley Rodney, Bookkeeping Coach & Creator of the Bookkeeping Bootcamp and My Bookkeeping Club

With all the amazing impact and difference you create in your clients’ lives, growing your business can be exciting

But lately, it has felt like a distant pipedream.

Despite your vast knowledge, you find yourself struggling to grow your business effectively. You're caught in the hamster wheel of entrepreneurship, juggling multiple tasks, yet unable to achieve the desired impact and profit.

You're trading precious hours for limited income, constantly feeling the pressure to make ends meet.

It's time to break free from this cycle because deep down, you know you're destined for more.

5 Reasons you might be Stuck on the Time for Money Roller Coaster 

(and how to get off)

"I made my DPA investment back within weeks & have recently launched my program again to even greater success"


it's never been easier

Now, embarking on the journey towards creating a remarkable digital product has never been easier.

While you may already understand the importance of integrating a digital program into your business, the Digital Product Academy's proven 4-D Formula will take your success to unprecedented heights.

By leveraging my 4-D Formula, you will effortlessly:

  • Identify the core problem and transformation your digital product offers
  • Create a clear roadmap to guide your audience through the transformation
  • Craft compelling messaging that makes your offer irresistible to the right customers
  • Strategise and activate your sales plan effectively

This proven formula is your roadmap to profitable business growth. Imagine opening your laptop, reviewing your overnight sales, and witnessing the incredible impact your programs have on the lives of those you serve.

Yes Please!

Hi, I’m Yvette 

...and over four years ago, I left behind a 30-year corporate advertising career to build my own business.

Thanks to digital products, my business tripled its revenue to multiple six figures in just one year. I've been fortunate enough to travel around Australia with my pup Chilli while expanding my impact and income.

I'm incredibly passionate about helping you create a business that loves you back—a business that's aligned, purposeful, profitable, and scalable.

While my passion has always remained consistent, my journey to success hasn't been linear.

In my first year, I tried various avenues, including network marketing, consulting, and even contemplated yoga teaching. Although these pursuits didn't stick, they eventually led me to coaching, where everything clicked.

Before long, I had a roster of 1:1 clients, but financial stability remained elusive. The idea of digital products intrigued me, but I faced limiting beliefs and confusion about where to begin.

Despite having a lot to offer, I found myself constantly busy, trading time for money and feeling exhausted.

However, my determination never wavered. I taught myself how to create my first digital program through YouTube. Although my initial attempt failed, it gave me a glimpse of what was possible. I became resolute in doing it the right way next time.

I soon realised that trying to piece everything together on my own wasn't effective.

SO...I invested in extensive support and training, continuously testing and refining my approach.

Since then, I've successfully launched multiple courses, masterminds, and paid programs.

I have never felt so aligned as the Lit Up & Liberated Entrepreneur. 

this is what's it's all about...


"I've launched my course 4 times & expanded into a growing membership"

I have to say if you're serious about your business:  growing, learning about marketing, making a true impact and change, and you're ready.........really ready to go there - this is for you. You do need the help and guidance this course offers. 

With Yvette in your corner, it's a game changer, a total game changer"


"I launched my program twice with a huge upgrade in between"

Yvette taught me all of these amazing skills now that I'm able to take into the future of my business.

I now have a business that's in line with my values, my future goals and the lifestyle that I need to have in order for the business to be successful......but to also still have some time with family and enjoy life! 



"My first course sold out during early bird"

I am running a business and helping to support my family. I never thought that I'd be able to say that - a social media business. And with your help and creating that offer for my course, I was able to do that.

Watch out now I'm ready for world domination!



I'm so ready!


Digital Product Academy is not just for coaches and online business owners; it's also designed to help any business owner monetise their knowledge and create a greater impact through workshops, memberships, group coaching programs, or courses.

Digital Product Academy is everything you need to:

  • Determine and design your best digital product
  • Confidently build an audience that trusts you as their go-to expert
  • Create an irresistible offer that sells effortlessly

3 Ways Digital Product Academy Will Change How Your Business Makes Money Forever

ONE -Two foundational modules that guide you through critical decisions for success

We don't believe in wishful thinking here. We start by exploring your values and aligning your business and audience with transformational decisions regarding your digital product. By the end of these modules, you'll have a clear understanding of the problem you'll solve and the transformation you'll facilitate for your audience.

TWO -Two core modules dedicated to designing your program and ensuring it becomes an irresistible offer that your audience eagerly purchases

You'll gain insight into the entire process of aligning your business, attracting your audience, mapping their transformational journey, and consistently delivering impactful results.

THREE - Absorb, Implement, Ask

We'll guide you step-by-step through live training sessions, implementation time, and a supportive Facebook group where I'll be personally available to answer your questions and discuss your progress. There's no DIY guesswork here; we're committed to your success.

As someone deeply passionate about helping women leverage their experience and wisdom through digital products, I'll be there with you every step of the way, moving you into inspired action and addressing any concerns you may have.


Digital Product Academy is your opportunity to leverage your expertise, create a scalable and in-demand product, and generate significant profits. 

Module one

decide: key decisions to set your digital product up for success

In this module, we delve into discovering alignment between your digital product, business goals, target audience, and the life you envision.

We'll help you identify the problem you want to solve, dial in on your ideal audience, and understand the equation that transforms their problems and desires into a powerful solution.

Additionally, we'll determine the most effective digital product format to deliver the fastest and most impactful results.

Module two

demand: building your audience and offer demand

This module focuses on your audience.

We won't leave anything to chance; we engineer our own success.

You'll learn strategies for attracting and engaging your audience, including platform selection, high-quality content creation, and effective email marketing and lead generation techniques.

Module three

design: the journey from where they are to their transformation

With a clear understanding of the problem you'll solve and the audience you'll serve, we'll now design the program that takes them on a transformative journey.

We'll cover idea generation, content structuring, organising supporting content, and catering to various learning styles.

You'll gain practical knowledge on creating an engaging learning experience and ensuring your program stands out.

Module four

desire: crafting that oh so irresistible offer

You've come a long way, and now it's time to craft a message that makes your audience eager to purchase.

We'll provide you with a proven framework for developing irresistible offers, creating hooks that resonate with your hand-picked audience, and establishing a core promise that speaks to their transformational desires.

Additionally, you'll learn pricing strategies that align with the value you provide and how to address objections effectively.

On top of these transformative modules, you'll also receive a curated bonus suite to accelerate your progress

let's dive into your bonuses

bonus: finding your why workshop

Rediscover your purpose and align your digital product with your broader business goals. Gain clarity on what you want to teach or offer and elevate your understanding of your target audience.

$97 Value


bonus module: launch it!

This entire BONUS module will guide you through the process of launching your digital product to your new and growing audience, ensuring a successful and seamless launch. Includes TRELLO boards & step by step video training.

$997 value

bonus: tech made simple masterclass

Overcome tech-related challenges and simplify the process of creating and hosting your digital product.

From recording content to hosting your course, you'll receive step-by-step guidance to navigate the technical aspects with ease.

$147 value

FB ads for audience growth!

Learn how to leverage Facebook Lead Ads to expand your audience and attract potential customers to your digital product. In this workshop, I'll teach you the essentials of DIY ad creation and management.

$197 value

are you ready??


  • Four pre-recorded modules, in easy to consume 10-20 minute video lessons
  • A fifth bonus module so you LAUNCH your offer like a pro (valued at $997 USD)
  • Private FB community (Valued at $399 USD) with access to Yvette 
  • Bonus Finding Your Why workshop (Valued at $97 USD)
  • Bonus Tech Made Simple Masterclass (Valued at $147 USD)
  • Workbooks, design TRELLO templates (Valued at $lots)
  • Lifetime access to all content & upgrades (priceless)



$777 USD




$277 x 3



Lit Up & Liberated Guarantee

I am so passionate about helping women cash in on their years of experience & wisdom, through adding digital products to their instead of stressed, you feel lit up & liberated. 

To make it an easy yes I’m giving you a 7 Day, go through the first module with me guarantee. 

If you get into your why and the first week’s exercises and discover a digital product does not align with your business goals and you are not wanting to create a larger impact through less hands-on time in your business, email my team at [email protected] and we’ll process your refund. 

Questions your fellow high achieving biz owners asked before saying yes to Digital Product Academy

Design your program and irresistible offer in the time it takes to catch up on BRIDGERTON

Still unsure?

Are you ready to break free from the money-for-time roller coaster and embark on a transformative journey with Digital Product Academy? If the following resonates with you, then it's time to join us:

  • Your business is thriving, but it heavily relies on one-on-one and in-person interactions. You know there must be another way to generate income, even when you're not physically present.

  • You crave a simple and straightforward approach to discovering and shaping your digital product idea into an irresistible offer. No more time constraints, confusion, or overwhelming technical hurdles.

  • You have an intense desire to expand your reach and make a more significant impact. You're willing to learn and build the necessary skills to achieve these goals.

  • Daydreaming and visualizing potential outcomes is no longer enough for you. You're ready to take inspired action based on a proven system that yields realistic results.

  • You genuinely care about the business you're building. It's not just about personal success; you want a resilient business that will be there for your clients when they need you the most.

  • Every aspect of your business must serve a purpose. You're excited to create not just another offer, but the perfect digital product that aligns with your vision and serves your audience's needs.

  • You understand the importance of showing up and serving your clients wholeheartedly. Creating jaw-dropping transformations is your passion, and Digital Product Academy provides you with one more powerful tool to make a profound impact.

If you're feeling confident and ready to embrace this transformative journey, click that "I'm In" button and let's embark on a new and bold direction together.

Get ready to level up your business from passion to profit to abundant success.

This is your moment, and you're prepared to seize it. Say "yes" and watch your business soar.

I'm in!

you all in?


  • Four pre-recorded modules, in easy to consume 10-20 minute video lesson
  • Private FB community (Valued at $399 USD) with direct access to Yvette 
  • Lifetime access to all content & upgrades (priceless)
  • Bonus Finding Your Why workshop (Valued at $97 USD)
  • Bonus TRELLO powered launch system(Valued at $197 USD)
  • Bonus Tech Made Simple Masterclass (Valued at $147 USD)
  • Workbooks, design TRELLO templates (Valued at $lots)



$777 USD




$277 USD X 3