Hello you!

I’m Yvette & here’s a bit more of my story

Early one morning in 2010, I headed to my Dr’s, asking her to investigate the thickness I felt, in my right breast. That same day, I found myself booked for a double mastectomy.

Aged 39, my life became a blur of breast cancer surgeries, chemo, baldness, early menopause and fear. What’s a type A gal to do? I continued in my high flying marketing career, working through most of my treatment. Inside, however, I was waking up.

But, leaving my corporate “lifestyle” terrified me. Instead I found another way to set my soul on fire, picking up my life, and moving it to New York City.

Despite the excitement, deep down I knew continuing to do the same things I always had… was no longer fulfilling me. My life looked glamorous on the socials, but was hiding the fact that I longed to find more meaning and purpose. I wasn’t sure how, but the voice was getting louder.

So while I kept on living the excitement and fun of NY, I started expanding my skills. For a year I balanced my Corporate gig with Coaching training. For another six months it was Yoga Teacher training.


Then I was head hunted back to Sydney in a role as MD of the largest single office (of it’s kind) in the land, and I couldn’t resist. Before long, the voice ROARED.

At the end of 2018, I finally did the thing, walking out of my almost half a $ million (annual) Marketing career.

I didn’t have a plan. But I knew that I was sick of the conditioning and limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in the 9-5. I wanted to do work that made me feel lit up & liberated. And I was passionate about helping others do the same. #litupandliberated™ was born.

In July 2019, I launched my global coaching business.

In under two years I grew it to a multi 6 figure annual turn over. This was made possible by evolving my 1:1 coaching into digital products including two Masterminds, two courses and a whole lot of paid workshops.

Here’s what I LOVE: supporting women with big visions to create their own version of success. My passion is in helping you add and/or scale digital products: from courses, to memberships, group programs and smaller ticket products….this is how we get you scaling your impact & your profits!

I want you to build an online business that loves you back! And that means:

  • in line with your values

  • profitable

  • scaleable

  • and that feels #litupandliberated

I’m 100% committed to my own growth and development… for your benefit.

Which means I invest in coaching, mentoring and training with the very best. In 2020/2021, the list includes: Tracy & Karl Harris via their 12 month inner circle mastermind (now in year two), private coaching with Ruby Lee, private coaching with Emma Dunwoody, the Human Design mastermind (also with Emma), the Transformational Coaching Program with Jim Fortin, private coaching with Jazze Jervis and I’m also an affiliate and have full access to all of Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy training. AND most recently, Business By Design with James Wedmore!

Yes you’re in good hands….

One final share from my life. In March 2021 I made the big decision to hit the road with my doggy Chilli, and we’re now living the digital nomad life, travelling around Australia. It’s incredible to think how quickly this was made possible. And if you are lusting after more freedom, let this be an example for you!

Still here? I would love to get to know you better. Go ahead and book in a 15 minute discovery call, and we can find the perfect support system for you.

Yvette xx

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